In the pursuit of maximum points, Rotation is a luxury 

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In the hunt for Maximum points, Rotation is a luxury

By Jude Ogirima – 04-01-2017 0


The Gunners face a challenge today as well as an opportunity to repair the damage caused by that ill fated week in December where we lost away to Everton and Man City in the form of Bournemouth at the Vitality Stadium.
There’s really no point beating around the bush on this piece. Arsenal need to get all 3pts tonight and in the next 4 EPL matches.
Yes I know 4 games includes Chelsea at the bridge  on the 4th of Feb 2017 which I tell you sincerely is no mean feat but is absolutely crucial for morale sake if we are to put an end to this barren title run.
Don’t get me wrong, I know it isn’t the only way but it is the way I would enjoy it most. This is largely because Arsenal haven’t dominated a top six side home and away in like forever.
Let’s shift our focus back to tonight’s game as prudence demands a game at a time approach.
We are most likely going to see rotation in the squad tonight which on the upside creates room for freshness and game time for some of our talented ballers who have had to endure the indignity of bench warming and also on the flip side, a possible distortion to a thriving system.
I am grateful for the flexibility of the Arsenal structure on the pitch which mitigates against wide gaps in performance by players who are not regulars in the starting 11.
I expect the traditional 4-2-3-1 approach Le Prof has adopted mostly in recent memory. There will be changes from the side that beat Crystal Palace on Sunday. However, I see just a few positions staying the same. These include the defence (GK &DEFs)as well as the no 10 position bossed by IWOBI.
My gut feeling says Arsene Wenger will opt to replace Lucas Perez on the right with “The Ox”, withdraw Xhaka and start Ramsey with Coquelin then have Sanchez start centrally.
For the sake of rotation, this seems quite appropriate but do not be deceived, Bournemouth are no pushovers. They can hurt you if you let them by not overwhelming their defence with forays of attack.
The last time we played them, we had Walcott, Ozil, Elneny all of whom are not available for today’s game. So if you were expecting a walk in the park, please look again. Özil was in the mood that day and the second goal we scored is testament to that fact. Dazing a defender in the box before floatinga ball that ended up at Monreal who inturn volleyed a pinpoint cross to Walcott who headed home with much ease.
I believe those available for selection are capable of doing the needful but they must be cautious and focused. There were 1 or 2 opportunities squandered by Bournemouth that day that I doubt would happen again given the chance.
This is the team sheet from our last meeting; Cech, Debuchy/Gabriel, Mustafi, Koscienly, Monreal, Elneny, Xhaka, Özil, Walcott, Ox, Sanchez.
Well aware of need for rotation, this is the team sheet I would go for;
Petr Cech
H. Bellerin
S. Mustafi
L. Koscienly
N. Monreal
G. Xhaka
F. Coquelin
Off Midfielder/Wingers
A. Iwobi
L. Perez
Ox. Chamberlain
Despite Giroud’s unforgettable  (scorpion kick) outing last game, I would have him start from the bench today. He reads the game quite well which is why he is an exceptional substitute when he comes on.
Sanchez needs to find his goal scoring boots again if he’s to pick up the golden boot for Arsenal after such a long time. I think Van Persie was the last gooner to win it. Plus a zeal to win it will further push Sanchez to become deadlier in front of goal and dovetail to us winning games.
My prediction for tonight’s game is 0-3 to the Arsenal .


Christmas with Arsenal

With back to back defeats against Everton and Man City away, an unwanted yet familiar feeling lingers in the air for the Arsenal faithful. 

Seasonal questions such as can Arsenal finally steady their tide towards a premier league title fills the corners of reasoning in pundits and fans alike.

No doubt, the haRd fought victory against WBA was indeed what the doctor ordered however, the 9 points between Arsenal and the league leaders Chelsea is a reality quite hard to sight when looking at the EPL table.

A ray of sunshine is the return of Welbeck to full training and of course that of Mustafi. 

The game against Crystal Palace on New Year Day suddenly couldn’t come any sooner for me.

The Era of the Weird….

So! In a rather twisted turn of events, Donald Trump Jnr. is set to become the 45th President of the United States of America after being duly elected by the people of America  (mostly red states sha).

Just for laughs, I had opined that I would like to see him win so as to see how things would turn out considering the global media’s distaste for his personality. 

I must confess waking up to the news of that reality was a feeling I’d rather keep to myself  (before dem bounce me for embassy).

Loads of lessons to be learnt from his victory I must admit. The bros just refused to conform…

I wish him and the entire United States of America the very best.

Moving on, President Buhari won the 2015 Nigerian elections by popular votes which I needn’t tell you wasn’t on my scale of “likely probability”. That said, it did happen and 18 months on, he’s still getting a hang of being a democratic leader….that is, my guy isn’t sure which hand is for wiping after….perhaps, the Nigerians in diaspora  (especially the ones in the US) may consider coming home to the government they so campaigned for through the various forms of media especially the social media front bearing in mind the campaign promises of President-Elect Donald Trump Jnr. 

Dr Wole Soyinka’s promise to tear up his green card in the event my guy wins the US election seems to be making rounds….let me beg on his behalf, person no dey follow una play again? Cool down on the trends biko.

Another casualty of this election is a man fondly called by his followers, Prophet T.B Joshua, isn’t having a good time currently as his prophecy on the US election have left people wondering where he gets his visions and prophecies from. ….

This election na wa!

Considering I have been an ardent Arsenal fan for years as far back as when Obasanjo was president  (in agbada), before the advent of the Special One and even before Suarez mistook club football for scenes in True Blood. …., I had no idea Arsenal suffered from a perennial curse of November which replays itself in the month of February the following year within the same season. This is a curse which entails an injury fiesta to key players thereby leading to lost points due to draws and outright losses then a gradual resurrection which stops at the end of January and finally a horrible run in February before the curse is lifted till the next season so long as Arsene Wenger is in charge. Na knee down I dey dey beg, can someone without bad belle say a word of prayer to remove my beloved Arsenal from this curse cycle? I have to bite Wande Coal here and ask….”na like this e go dey dey”?

The troubling part of the above is after all these years of support, how is it that this slipped past my notice until now? 

Weird huh?

Did I mention President Donald Trump Jnr is a friend of President Vladimir Putin?  I wonder what Syrian warring forces would be discussing right now…..(I miss Rocky IV)…….

I guess Ian Flemming had milked that feud dry with his James Bond scripts. 

Feel free to update the weird…..For me, I don waka!🔚

Days of Our Lives…..

Have you ever wondered or perhaps in the recent past taken a moment to observe and analyse what this generation considers to be the fundamentals of a relationship? 

The logical question in the first place is “what do you understand a relationship is?”

A relationship is a term used to describe a connection between two or more things.

For the purpose this piece, let’s consider “relationships” in terms of dating.

The line between the roles we play in a relationship and the public perception of them, has blurred over the years and thereby making them significantly lose their taste; that is putting it as mildly as possible. 

Growing up, I had the privilege of experiencing a unique upbringing which dovetailed into a quick understanding, harnessing and profound appreciation of family values. …..

Family as you know it is the smallest unit of a society. This can be likened to the cell and the entire body. No cell in the body is insignificant in the grand scheme of things as any alteration to even one in the millions of cells available can lead to fatality. In the same vein, what and how you do in your nuclear family can lead to the death of the entire society in which you are a part of. 

Death of a society isn’t quite like the death of the human body, however the results and ripple effects are far worse.

The demise  of moral compass of such an ill fated society is the first casualty, next is neighbourly love, This is closely followed by an unprecedented adoption of individualism which opens the floodgates to social ills.

Considering the role your family plays in the initiation process of a successful or doomed society and the fact that all nuclear families begin with a “relationship” between the parents, the question at the beginning of this piece is what you really need to ponder….”what do you understand by the term “relationship?”. 

The current social mentality has endeared all to its definition of what a relationship is. It makes a concious effort to celebrate masculine roles and condescend on feminine roles. This in turn creates a situation where there’s a pseudo hunger for recognition and scaling.

I was watching a documentary on the animal Kingdom sometime ago. In that episode, a lion’s pride was the focus. It provided me with a bit of insight as to how nature deals. When the pride needs food, the lionesses go hunting…. (I had seen this in the Walt Disney classic animation titled The Lion king but it didn’t quite register )….moving on….considering how potentially dangerous this task can be, the percieved weaker sex carries the burden. Here comes the part that left me scratching my head…..when the pride is under attack, the lionesses step aside and leave the lion to defend the pride eventhough the risk of the continual existence of her cubs (especially the male ones) depend solely on the triumph of the lion defending the pride. Did I mention that the lion feeds first when the game  by the lionesses is brought back to the pride?

This is their reality. The natural distribution of roles with mutually exclusive importance. 

Challenging the norm should be an exercise done collectively, directed towards enhancing  productive ways of life, rather than being used to foster disintegration by stroking one’s ego and stoking another’s greed.

Today’s relationships are highly plagued by unprepared minds and infinitely questionable characters who embody even more unfathomable personalities. 

To be prepared for a relationship requires you to first and foremost be ready to co-exist with someone other than yourself. At this point the need to understand rather than be understood isn’t negotiable. Lastly, the ability to activate selective amnesia must be at hand.

The above mentioned are not conditioned in any way. Only independent minds are needed in a relationship. If your actions are based on the other person’s reactions then you are already a part of the problem.

So what does this generation consider as the fundamentals of a relationship? 

1. Size…… (pocket, house, ermmm)

2. Social status quo 

3. Job type/Career….

……are we not on our own?

These things are helpful but not fundamentals as they have volatile states. Our concerns should rather be focused on more lasting parameters such as;

1. Spiritual disposition

2. Family ethos and values 

3. One’s life philosophy. 

It is important to mention that there are a microscopic few that are doing their part but a healthy society requires everyone that is you and I. 

Are you a part of the problem or solution?

What is the real reason behind the trends that have grown rapidly since the turn of the 21st century? 

​These trends span from mundane things such as how we dress to mind blogging matters such as spirituality.

Within these two broad spectrums lies the topics of interest which will kick our blogging journey.

Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to JudeThinks.

Having gotten that out of the way, let’s spare a thought for those who might find the kitchen too hot to stay in. Let me be the first to apologise as most people cannot handle straight/hard talk….don’t worry statically speaking, you are in good company. My advice, swallow alum and tighten ya belt (in my igbo brother’s voice).

Disclaimer alert!

Do not and I repeat NOT take that advice literally o! 

If “aproko” is thy hobby, now will be a good time to use your search engine for the forthcoming content won’t appease that appetite 😂😂😂. 

Biko, who came up with the term Sexual Orientation?:?

This term has fostered what I refer to as the bane of our moral compass on so many levels.

The most troubling development spawn out of this term is the Homosexual trend which has blown so strong making “owu” under President Buhari’s administration seem like child’s play.

There seems to be a need to shove this ideology down the proverbial throats of every person on the face of the earth irrespective of ideals of the people.

My question is why?

Have you asked your self this question lately?

If you enjoy Western tv shows, you will notice a heavy influx of gay scenes and inuedos delivered freely in your face.

Case in point “Empire “.

I remember the first time I saw this show, …..Do you?

Vanessa Bozeman hitting “ooh….I will tell you that I love you….” I was blown away is a composed way of stating how I felt. Then at some point in the show, Cookie takes the broomstick to Akeem for being unruly in the barbershop and when Lucious eventually sees Akeem at the family club he laughs and says “I see you have met your mum”….If you haven’t seen season 1 then …..oh well, I saw a home run. They are currently on season 3 and sincerely my interest has dipped like a leaking bottle of larger.

The plot is later overshadowed by the “black and gay the way forward” syndrome.

At what point is this marketing going to be put in check? 

Is this going to be part of the legacy we leave behind for our wonderful children? 

I understand the “live and let live” school of thought but isn’t this quite over the line?

It is important to remember that our actions or inactions today will be our footprints in history.

What is the real reason? 

Family as you know it!

Extinction on the table for sure.


In other news though, Big Sam a.k.a Sam Allydace Lmao 😂 pun intended, has been sacked as England Football Manager just after 1 game in charge for running his mouth🙊 to undercover journalists for the daily telegraph I hear. …

Feel free to let me know if I yanked your chain….;)